Sahaj Unlimited is a group of musicians who have lost their hearts to Indian music and who have now managed to realise their dream of recording 12 unforgettable bhajans and qawwalis. Bhajans are pieces dedicated to Hindu spirituality, qawwalis on the other hand, are Urdu hymns based on Sufi mysticism.

During its 15 year career, Sahaj Unlimited has earned a reputation for its uplifting performances, for example at Faces Ethno Festival, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival and the Gloria Club in Helsinki.

1. Nirmala Ma
2. Bolo Adi Shakti
3. Mauline
4. Adi Maya Amba Bai
5. Gondhari
6. Nirmala
7. Shri Jagadambe Aye Re
8. Bhaya Kaya Taya
9. Bhar De Jholi
10. Joga Wa
11. Gondhari
12. Joga Wa Partymix

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Sahaj Unlimited

Sahaj Unlimited

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