Dile Kolanen is a Finnish bassplayer/composer/producer. Throughout the years he has been member of numerous finnish bands: The Nights Of Iguana, Veeti & Elastic Family, Popmonks, Pin Ups, Sahaj Unltd, Shava and many more. He has worked with many Finnish artists such as Hanna Marsh, Veeti Kallio, Maria Hänninen, Jimi Sumén and Tuomas Kaila.

Both Sides


A side

1. Postpone It
2. Crossfire
3. Seven String Theory
4. Solea por Despedida
5. A Mile

B side

1. Spirit Of The House
2. High Tension
3. The Scene Of Mind
4. Farewell


C side

1. First Conversation – Mass And Energy
2. Second Conversation – with Imaginary Friends
3. Next Conversation

D side

1. Fifth Conversation – Uni
2. Underwater Melody – Atlantis
3. Last Conversation – Ballad

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New double vinyl!

New double vinyl!

Elastic House